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Matheson Gases
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An Industry Leader for over 80 years

In 1926 MATHESON Gas Products became the first company to offer a reliable source of high quality scientific gases and equipment. From the start, MATHESON asserted its leadership by understanding specialty gas applications and providing products specially designed for these applications. Some of MATHESON's more notable accomplishments include the development of the lecture bottle, now used by virtually every major college and university in the world, and the supply of ultra pure gases that served as standards for the first gas chromatographs.

MATHESON's gases also helped forge the most important tool of our era, the integrated circuit. From the early days of the transistor, MATHESON was there providing the arsine and phosphine that made production possible. As transistors gave way to complex semiconductor chips, MATHESON provided the world's first commercially produced silane, an accomplishment that earned the industry's prestigious "SEMMY" Award.

In 1999 MATHESON Gas Products merged with Tri-Gas, Inc., to form Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc. This merger combined the analytical and semiconductor strengths of MATHESON Gas Products with the liquid/bulk and industrial cylinder and equipment capabilities of Tri-Gas. As a member of the Tokyo based Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (TNSC), MATHESON® is part of the world's fifth largest supplier of gases and gas handling equipment. 

Product Line

Customers in the semiconductor, analytical and industrial businesses depend on the reliable supply of gases and gas handling equipment to maintain efficient production.

We provide complete customer solutions, offering everything from on-site air separation plants to small portable cylinders and all the services required to support these products and customer applications:

  Industrial Gases
  Specialty Gases
  Medical Gases & Equipment
  Electronic Gases & Materials
  Cutting & Welding Gases
  Global Helium Sources
  On Site Gas Generation
  On Site Air Separation
  Gas Purification Systems
  Gas Detection Systems
  Gas Handling Equipment
  Welding & Safety Products

MATHESON offers the most extensive line of ultra high purity gas handling equipment in the semiconductor gas industry. Products are designed and manufactured at the Longmont Colorado facility. This 49,000 sq. ft. facility features 8,500 sq. ft. of R&D space, 1400 sq.ft. of Class 10 and Class 100 Protocol clean room space, and 25,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing space. Live gas testing is also offered at Longmont.

MATHESON has a complete line of specialty gas equipment, the most comprehensive in the industry. These products are designed and produced at the Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania location.


With the increased cost of "poor quality" in industry today, quality and consistency become paramount. MATHESON provides a full line of specialty gases and equipment to meet the specification for each impurity analyzed. To ensure product consistency and integrity, all of MATHESON production processes, materials and analytical tools are managed using statistical control methods. In addition, MATHESON measures its quality system against ISO 9000 series standards.

MATHESON's Quality Policy

  • Quality is meeting the customer's requirements and expectations.
  • Build quality into every product and service, rather than inspect it in.
  • Continuous improvement requires the participation of all employees.
  • Quality and fitness for purpose are the true measures of value.

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