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Product Name
Weldwide inflatable purge dams
Products Description
  • High quality product manufactured in the UK to ISO standards
  • Improved tear, pressure and heat resistance
  • Dams covered by durable, spark-resistant proban cotton
  • All metal fittings and reinforced stitching and crimping maximise longevity
  • Reduce the volume close to the weld requiring purging
  • Shield the weld root and eliminate oxidation
  • Allow the welder to adjust the purge gas pressure against the weld root to achieve the desired weld profile on the internal bore
  • Cut down on inert shielding gas required
  • Help to reduce customers’ carbon foot print
  • Allow customers to increase weld production rates
  • Eliminate weld defects attributed to inefficient purging
  • Available for 2" to 96" pipes

Weldwide Solutions Limited recommends the use of inflatable pipe purging dams, when customers are welding dairy tubes, schedule pipework and all other kinds of cylindrical vessels.

These Purge dams can be pushed and pulled through pipe lengths without friction or resistance. Once positioned, the product is inflated with inert shielding gas to inflate the dam ends and will then automatically release any excess gas to purge the inside of the pipe between the purge dams.

The inflatable purge dam ends require a minimum amount of gas to seal inside the pipe. Since the dams isolate a small volume inside the pipe, fabricators immediately begin to use less gas before it is safe to start welding and can demonstrate to their customers they are achieving a lower carbon footprint.

Purge dams are suitable for purging autogenous weld fit-ups as well as scheduled pipework that requires a gap between two bevelled pipe ends.

Inflatable pipe purging dams ensure an air tight seal inside the tubular system so no contamination can occur to the weld during the hot pass and subsequent weld passes.
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