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Product Name
Ar-Gone Weld gas analyser
Products Description
  • Quick responses to oxygen levels whilst purging
  • Identifies when it is safe to start welding
  • Warns fabricators to stop welding when their purging technique allows air into the volume being shielded with inert gas
  • Cuts down on inert shielding gas required
  • Helps reduce customers’ carbon foot print
  • Allows customers to increase weld production rates
  • Eliminates weld defects attributed to inefficient purging

The Ar-Gone Weld Gas Analyser measures the levels of oxygen whilst fabricators use inert gas to purge. Correct use of the product allows customers to determine when the safe oxygen level for welding has been reached, thus eliminating any guess work. It helps save on argon gas consumption since some welders might purge longer than is actually required by playing it safe. Use of a Ar-Gone Weld Gas Analyser therefore helps to lower your company's carbon footprint and will increase the welders' production rate. Moreover it will save argon gas and help fabricators to maintain or quicken work schedules which can increase profitability throughout welding contracts.

It is important that the Weld Gas Analyser is continually used during welding to monitor the weld purge levels. It will quickly identify any oxygen level drawn into the pipe volume that is being shielded with inert gas. Typically, customers choosing to purge pipes with gaps between the pipe end bevels, will tape up the gap prior to welding when they purge. When fabricators begin to remove the tape and their flow of gas is to low, argon will escape from the purge allowing atmospheric gases such as oxygen through the weld gap. The Ar-Gone Weld Gas Analyser will save the weld root by warning the fabricator if the levels rise to be unacceptable.

Customers who wish to improve their weld purging practices can request a visit or discussion with our weld purging technicians to see how our products will help them overcome all weld purging concerns and eliminate all future oxidised and discoloured weld roots.

Weldwide Solutions Limited recommends the use of inflatable and silicone disc pipe purging dams when customers are welding schedule pipework and all other kinds of cylindrical vessels. These products compliment the Weld Gas Analyser and used together they will help to eliminate all oxidised weld roots in stainless steel and other exotics.



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