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Tubing Check Valve-Flared Style - TF

Tubing Check Valve Style - TV

Mini-Check Valve Style - M1 - M8

Universal Socket Weld Style - US

Universal High Pressure Style - U1 Catalog

Universal Low Pressure Style - U3

Horizontal Vertical Flanged & Drilled PTFE Lined Style - HT

Horizontal Vertical Flanged & Drilled Style - HV

Connector Valve Style - CN

Bushing Valve Style - BU

Union Insert Valve Style - UV

Sanitary Insert Valve Style- CB, TC

Sanitary Cartridge Valve Style - SC

3-A Sanitary Check Valve Style - 3S

Glass Pipe Insert Style - GP Catalog

 Straight-Sided Insert Style - SI

Lined Pipe Insert Style - LP

Wafer Insert Valve Style - WV

Flange Insert Valve Style- F1, F6, FP


Flow and Level

Valves & Fittings

Air and Gas Handling & Managment

Water Treatment & Filtration

Orbital Welding

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