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Weld purging
Weld gas analysers

 Ar-Gone Weld gas analyser
 Argo-Naught 2010

Inflatable purge dams

Inflatable bypass purge dams

Weldwide inflatable purge dams

Rigid purge dams

Silicone disc system 120

Silicone disc system 210

Soluble paper dams


Water-soluble paper dams

Water-soluble paper cones

Pipe alignment

Weldwide Pipe Fits

Weldwide pipe clamps

Fixed and foldable pipe stands


Hydraulic clamps


Double chain clamps

Single chain clamps
Grinding and cutting
Tungsten grinders

Tungsten grinder and cutter

Portable Tungsten grinder

Tungsten grinder with optional dust extraction


Flow and Level

Valves & Fittings

Air and Gas Handling & Managment

Water Treatment & Filtration

Orbital Welding

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