Wide range of AUTOTROL valves, in fiberglass Noryl, verified in years of applications.
With the appropriate controllers and accessories can satisfy any application for water softening or filtration, both residential and industrial, also multi-tank systems, alternating or parallel.
The materials of the components of valves are NSF listed  as likely to come into contact with water intended for human consumption.
Exclusive distributor for Italy.
Residental valves:                                                                                     Valvole
AUTOTROL residential valves combine the simplicity of design with special characteristics of construction to ensure reliability and long-lasting over time in normal daily use. 
Easiness to use double alternate system, parallel duplex or parallel triplex.
Each valve has a simple manual quick start and a comprehensive installation and maintenance manual.
Industrial valves:
AUTOTROL industrial valves are characterized by a remarkable flexibility of use combined with a high ease of installation. 
Easiness to use multi-tank systems, alternating duplex, parallel duplex or parallel triplex.
Each valve has a simple manual quick start and a comprehensive installation and maintenance manual.
Several possibilities to chose between electromechanical and electronic, chronometric, volumetric and pulse controllers, for softeners and filters.
Extremely versatile, simple to set up and with technology tested on years of experience.
Possibility to control twin and multi-tank, parallel or alternating systems.
Valves accessories and spare parts:
Wide assortment of AUTOTROL valves accessories and spare parts complete the range of product making it extremely flexible and suitable for most demanding applications.
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