WAVE CYBER composite pressure vessels in PE liner reinforced with fiberglass  and epoxy resin, with diffusors and related accessories.
Suitable for water treatment systems for drinking and industrial use,  certified by TUV contact with potable water in accordance with the EC directives and KTW. They conform to European Directive 97/23/EC for pressure vessels (PED) and DM n.174, 06/04/2004 for materials suitable for contact with water intended for human consumption.
Wide range of capabilities, ideal for both domestic and industrial appliances.
Residential pressure vessels:
WAVE CYBER residential composite pressure vessels are available with threaded opening 2 ½", 4" and 4" double opening in versions with or without base, in models with or without dome-hole, in order to satisfy the various application needs.
Wide range of models and sizes from 6" to 13".
Industrial pressure vessels:
WAVE CYBER industrial composite pressure vessels are available in versions 2 ½" or 4" threaded connection or 6" flange connection and with or without lower opening models, which offer an extremely versatile product.
Wide choice of models and diameters from 14" to 63".
Pressure vessels accessories:
Wide range of WAVE CYBER pressure vessels accessories satisfy more different application exigences: cylindrical diffusors, lower lateral systems and lower double lateral systems, for upper or lower installation, 0,2 slots or 0,5 mm.
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Air and Gas Handling & Managment

Water Treatment & Filtration

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