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Condensate management is applied to almost every component of the compressed air treatment chain. It is divided into the condensate draining and condensate treatment sections. In the condensate draining process large amounts of liquid, generated by means of condensation or specific separation, are removed from the compressed air system. As a result, carryover of liquid contaminations throughout the compressed air system is avoided. The condensate treatment process is used to clean the condensate from dirt, oil and hydrocarbon. The condensate may then enter the waste-water system or a river, lake or similar in an ecologically compatible way.
When developing and selecting our condensate technology products we pay highest attention to the implementation of the following customer benefits, even under the harshest and toughest conditions in an industrial environment.

   • Maximum operational reliability
   • Rugged design and long lifetime
   • Easy and flexible installation
   • Easy maintenance

FST offers a complete product portfolio of condensate technology products, for condensate discharge and condensate treatment.
CDM, CDF series condensate drains offer a rugged metal design, metal threads for connection and an integrated vent function.
CDE-L series condensate drains offer major benefits in level sensing, valve and control technology. The screw-type and plug-type connections allow the unique 'Service-Refurbishing-Concept' for this condensate drain series.

Condensate discharge
CDM series
Manual condensate drains
• Maximum operating pressure up to 350 bar
• Connection size G ¼ - G 1

CDF series
Automatic condensate drains
• Maximum volume flow 800 m³/h – 20,000 m³/h
• Maximum operating pressure 16 bar
• Connection size M 14 – G ½
CDF130 internal float condensate drain

CDF140 external float condensate drain

CDE-L series
Electronic, level controlled condensate drains
• Maximum volume flow 250 m³/h – 30,000 m³/h
• Maximum operating pressure 16 bar
• Connection size G ½ - G 1
CDE-L electronic condensate drains

CDE-T series
Electronic, time controlled condensate drains
• Maximum volume flow 2,500 m³/h – 30,000 m³/h
• Maximum operating pressure up to 350 bar
• Connection size G ¼ - G 1
CDE-T time based condensate drains
CDMV - Manual condensate drain for vacuum

CSW series
Oil water separators
• Maximum volume flow 108 m³/h – 6,000 m³/h
• Connection size G ½
CSW-DRUKO oil-water separators



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