About Check-All:

Valve offers a variety of body materials to meet your application needs, like 316 stainless steel for steam or water applications, carbon steel for petro chemical, brass for air, PVC works in pharmaceutical, and PTFE for sanitary pipe systems.
Check-All also carries an assortment of special alloy materials, such as Titanium, Hastelloy ®C, Monel ®, and Alloy 20 just to name a few.

Tubing Check Valve-Flared Style - TF
Tubing Check Valve Style - TV
Mini-Check Valve Style - M1 - M8
Universal Socket Weld Style - US
Universal High Pressure Style - U1
Universal Low Pressure Style - U3
Horizontal Vertical Flanged & Drilled PTFE Lined Style - HT
Horizontal Vertical Flanged & Drilled Style - HV
Connector Valve Style - CN
Bushing Valve Style - BU
Union Insert Valve Style - UV
Sanitary Insert Valve Style- CB, TC

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Flow and Level

Valves & Fittings

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- Top-Line


Air and Gas Handling & Managment

Water Treatment & Filtration

Orbital Welding

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