About Pro-Fusion:

Pro-Fusion is an industry leader with experience in all aspects of precision welding automation. Our engineering staff has designed and installed automated welding systems globally that are renowned for their precision and reliability.

Please review the information on this web site to learn more about us. Not only can you find out about our products and how they can improve your welding, but we also invite you to use this site as a valuable resource for learning about welding processes and troubleshooting welding problems. At Pro-Fusion, we believe in giving you high quality welding products and the education to use them.

Pro-Fusion's product line includes a complete range of products to improve weld quality and output. We offer Micro-Tig/Tig and Micro-Plasma/Plasma power supplies, precision welding lathes, orbital welding equipment, welding system controls, reverse polarity surface cleaners, as well as welding accessories and consumable parts. These products are used in the Medical, Aerospace, Semiconductor, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Instrumentation, Fitting and Valve Manufacturers, Food and Dairy, Military, Tube Mill, Bellows and many other industries.

Micro-TIG/Plasma Power Supplies
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