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About BBC Elettropompe:

The aim of the Company, founded in 1959, is to design, manufacture and deal with efficient and reliable electric pumps that can stand even the worst applications. The experience achieved in this long period is daily exploited in the pursuit of materials, suppliers, new working and assembling methods so to preserve a high level of quality.
The balance between innovating and traditional principles together with the use of trustworthy components makes our products appreciated in the most different areas and markets.
An important achievement on the way both of growth and consolidation of our structure, has been, in 1997, the certification of our Quality System according to UNI EN ISO 9001 standards. Consequently, a deliberate acceptance of these international criteria is intended as a natural evolution towards a continuous enhancement.

Semisom SRT
Semison H
Semison L/SL
Semison 50/65
Semison 80
Semisom DC 24V

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